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Once composers have signed up they are given access to the storyboard and song briefs. They view and listen to other peoples work in progress and choose to add to them or start their own versions based on the song briefs. We didn't reinvent the wheel, we're connected through a back door to a site called Kompoz.com which handles all the nuts and bolts of online music collaboration. When the deadline is reached, Our producers review the work a choose the pieces that they think are strongest. If needed, additional work will be contracted in to get the songs to the acceptable standard. Using software and 3rd party adjudicator, proportional payments will be made to the composers.

Once the songs are completed work on the choreography, script and set can be finalised, this may be sourced in a similar fashion as the songs. But that's just where it reallllly gets interesting....

We want it to be accessible to everyone so we're giving it away for free

We think everyone should have it. Using our Creative Commons licence (lots of copyright freedom providing you follow a few rules) If you want to perform it, film it and post it up on YouTube, be our guest! The thing is, it's not going to be the same for long...

Anyone has permission to change the musical to their own liking

That means composers can arrange the music to their hearts content and still be able to call it Xerxes' Atlas. If you don't like a song or the style or some of the words - it's yours to change it around so long as it keeps true to the original story. So Xerxes' Atlas maybe vastly different on Broadway than it is in the West End or even the West End a month after you saw it. This makes the musical much more accessible and gives it a life of its own.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions check out our FAQs

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