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The Xerxes' Atlas Street Team

We invite you to join our family and get in behind the great work that is already going on. It's like a fan-club, but we have an understanding that you want to help promote us. Although we say 'street team', to be involved you don't even have to leave your chair. This project is based around using the internet to collaborate and share so it's fitting that most of our spreading of open-source goodness will be done via the internet.

We're looking for people just like you to

  • Give us feedback on our ideas
  • Comment on blog posts on our website and interact with our Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Get other people to join the street team and tell creative people about the opportunities with us.
  • Volunteer at events

In return you'll get

  • To be a part of history in the making
  • Free tickets to dress-rehearsals
  • Street-team only access to seats at the live performances
  • Inside knowledge on stuff that we can't publicly release

If this sounds like you, fill our the form here and we'll we'll send you more details
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