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Confused by Briefs, Projects, Submissions, Tracks? Terminology explained

Jade Wood - Friday, March 25, 2011
image by Horia VarlanThere's few terms you need to understand so that we all don't get confused.


This is the information we give to let you know what we're after and to inspire your composition

Submission or Project

An area of workspace based on one of the song briefs where people have added tracks. Perhaps they've added a drum track already but the rest of the parts haven't been written yet. You could add your track to the project even if you didn't start it. For each brief there could be many projects.


A track is a recording. It could be of anything, a drum track, a piano or perhaps a mixdown track. There may be many tracks in a project. Using your recording software or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you can put all these tracks together to form a complete track which is known as a mixdown. Haven't got a DAW? Check out www.reaper.fm

So to start out check out the song briefs and go from there.

Image by Horia Varlan





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