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I meet the father of Creative Commons

Jade Wood - Thursday, June 30, 2011
I have just come back from NetHui, a gathering of people who are interested in the future of the Internet in New Zealand. It's been pretty good - for me the people there are probably a bit more interesting than the topics although I am certainly learning things! Cudos to InternetNZ for making it accessible (read cheap tickets) to everyone.

There's been one person I've been looking forward to meeting ever since I heard he was going to be there: Lawrence Lessig - the father of Creative Commons. Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand held a meetup this evening I got to hear of a number of projects and organisations that could be a good fit with this project. I had no idea that MusicHype was started in New Zealand for example. I just met the Chairman who lives in Wellington. I didn't get to chat to the guy from People in Your Neighbourhood, but he's done similar things in years gone by in terms of collaborative music creation backed by the British Council.

But Lawrence Lessig was the highlight. He's a pleasant and encouraging and unassuming man that takes an interest in projects no matter how small. His little spectacles top him off as a professor. This guy just ooses intelligence. He seemed genuinely interested in the wikimusical project, writing the URL in his iPhone for later. He then went on to tweet about it to his 150,000+ followers. Awesome.

Really looking forward to his keynote tomorrow morning.





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