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QR code T-shirts now available

Jade Wood - Tuesday, February 08, 2011
It had to happen sooner or later. Yes, we're selling t-shirts. Geeky-cool QR code ones too. I just received a box of t-shirts in the mail with my wife's small fitted T.

Luckily for you I'm not a small so here's me modelling the t-shirt. Some of you will instantly get it and will be reaching for your phones. If you don't get it, not to worry.

What I'm wearing is a QR code.

It's like a glorified bar-code and all the information that the creator wants is contained INSIDE that image. At first I thought scanners read the code and then had to match it up with some kind of online database to give you the information. I was wrong.

So the message that the users get when they scan the image is :
http://wikimusical.com/XA-musical/QR The world's first wikimusical! Want to help write the songs and choreography for a Hip-hop / Pop musical? Check out the link above and check out the progress
If you have a smart phone (iPhone / Andriod etc) You should be able to download from the relevant App store a free barcode scanner. You use the scanner program to read the image (or any other image like it) and voila!, you get a message.

It's something all the cool kids are into.

You won't be able to read my t-shirt because the QR isn't  completely showing. If you want to test out the whole thing here it is:






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